May 4, 2012


/soapbox on
I'm trying hard to understand why a technology school doesn't make more/better use of technology to communicate with parents. 

Just because I work from home doesn't mean I don't work or that I can take 15 minutes to deal with some random issue at any given minute. It simply means I don't have to get all dolled up and drive in to an office every morning.  I still have phone calls coming in, production numbers to meet, meetings to attend, etc.  My day is no less busy just because I'm in my basement rather than a cubicle.  Now, on the flip side, I totally understand that teachers aren't generally able to make their "downtime" coincide with my breaks or lunch in order to talk.

That's where email comes in so handy!!  Why do I get a call from my son in the office - complete with the office staff breaking in and talking to/over him?  Why not an email telling me "hey your kid did this, fix it".  That way, I can deal with the issue when I get off and my child is home ... and I'll even email them back to tell them what was done!
/soapbox off

Man I'm glad it's Friday ... oh wait ... I have to work tomorrow too!