Feb 21, 2013

Snow thoughts and backwards logic

Actually had someone tell us tonight that we should stop making our house payment for a few months and pay them $4000 ... so that we could qualify for a loan modification to drop our payment by $300 a month.

Anyone else noticing the jacked up backwards logic there?

On a brighter note, we had some very nice snow this afternoon.  The kids are hoping for school to be closed tomorrow, but so far, no such luck.  I keep checking like a good mom, just in case SPS 186 decides to play it safe and not have buses running and kids standing on street corners in 6 inches of snow ...

Of course, given that this IS Illinois we're talking about, the chances that all this snow will still be here by tomorrow late morning are pretty slim.  Especially with the weather calling for rain in the morning.  The roads are going to be a big fat sloppy mess!!

My random thought for the night ... Nitro is almost 12.  In dog years, that's almost 80, according to a graph on Wikipedia anyway.  He still acts like a puppy - bouncing around today when he saw the snow, begging to go outside over and over just to run around in it.  Mind you - he doesn't like *cold* ... just *snow*.  Hard to get the latter without the former, but that's where it is.  I think he tolerates the cold for the sake of the snow.