Jun 10, 2013

June ... really ??

This year is so totally different as far as weather goes ... it almost doesn't seem like it's summer.  Of course that is throwing me off of realizing how LATE in the year it already is ... how did June come and fly by so fast!??!  The kids are home from school and getting back into "summer mode", trying to balance sleeping in with doing chores, playing video games with going outside.  As long as the weather is nice, I try to kick them outside at least part of the day - it's good for them, and it's quieter for me!

Last Monday, I realized that my dates were wrong on St. Louis RenFaire - I had thought it was on through July, but June 9 was the last day.  So we planned to go, rain or shine, on the 8th.  Fortunately, we had lovely sunny weather, not too hot and with a decent breeze.  I'm really hoping to spend some time there next year - and even asked Josh if he'd consider possibly doing the one in Kansas City.  Although with a six hour drive, that would be an all weekend event ... more expensive etc.

Got word on June 1st that we have baby ratties coming!  I am eagerly watching the pictures at Sweet Genes - Miss Raspberry had 14 babies on May 31st.  Debbie is still deciding which little girl she will be keeping and that will help determine who we get.  I'll just be happy with healthy girls ... tho a dumbo rex would be awesome :)

Two more weeks and Daniel and I will be heading out to Dallas for YFN.  We've got meetings the next couple of weeks with leaders and parents - to give everyone an idea of what to expect.  We have a few veterans going, but mostly new people who have never been!  I'm pretty excited - I know Josh thinks I'm crazy for being excited about traveling and spending time with 30 non-family members ...