Jan 2, 2014


I rarely make New Year's resolutions.  I think it's silly, pointless, and they rarely get kept.  Last week, Pastor Eric's message was "Go For It" and he told us to make "can't" a curse word and take it out of our vocabulary.  We were then treated to a portion of The Little Engine That Could, and he asked us to write down three goals that we believe God wants us to reach in 2014. Well, for a long time now, I have known that I need to be more intentional with my health - both physical and spiritual.  I'm not too sure what my third "goal" would be, but I figure it's better to start with something than to skip it all for lack of the third :)

So ... with God's help ... this year my first goal is to read through the entire Bible - get to know and understand it and really apply it.  That's kind of difficult to quantify ahead of time as far as how it will be measured, but I'm believing that the results will make themselves clear as I go.  I want it to be obvious that I have a relationship with Jesus.  Not an in your face, beating people over the head with rules religion ... but a relationship that makes others want the same.

My second goal is to get healthy physically ... to exercise regularly and to pay better attention to what I eat.  I'd like to lose 31 pounds and be able to fit into that swimsuit without feeling like my belly is going to fall out and smack someone.  I want to be able to make it more than 5 minutes into a cardio workout without feeling like I'm going to keel over.  I want to live longer than my parents did and be there for my grandkids (not that I'm in any rush for that!!!).

I think a big reason "resolutions" don't hold are because too often they are hidden or private.  If no one knows, it's easier to let them go.  So, whoever reads this ... now you know ... and hopefully you will be willing to hold me accountable.